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for those who are deaf and GLBT

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Hey! Apr. 15th, 2009 @ 12:20 am
I'm Dani, FTM effeminate queer guy. I just switched my major to deaf studies with the early childhood option so I will be working with kids in the classroom hopefully. I am not deaf clinically, but since I was young my adnoids and glands have caused issues where periodically my hearing would switch from soft muted to "normal". I have been tested for deafness outside of those long boring school tests because of it. I have two people who are deaf/hard of hearing in my life; my grandmother who was deaf on a domestic abuse attack that left her right ear deaf. My cousin has a gland issue as well that produces hard wax and is often deaf because of them unless she gets cleanings, which is rare and few in between.

I have always felt some lack of presence/inclusivity amongst gay scenes locally for handicapped, deaf, blind, or any of the other minorities amongst minorities. I am a big activist and advocate for all, and it was funny how little educated people are. I was faced with that on campus the other day hanging in the cafeteria, and a gay male I knew who, needless to say was being a jerkoff about trans folks, was also confused as to like "How could a blind/deaf person know their gay?" and it was like, absolutely ridiculous. Everyone was kind of stunned and we were like, "Oh, yeah, because someone can't see your hot ass ____ (person's name), obviously they can't tell if their gay. Grow up." (I later highfived the person who said this.) It made me feel more solidified in my choice this past month to switch my major to Deaf studies.

Feb. 4th, 2009 @ 04:38 pm
Hey everyone. As this is a first post: I am a lesbian learning ASL and hope to be an interpreter someday.

So, I looked up lesbian/bisexual/gay/trans in my dictionary, but there wasn't an entry for trans. Could anyone help me out with what the sign is?
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Hello Jan. 7th, 2009 @ 04:23 pm
I don't think I've posted here yet, though I've lurked for a few months.

I'm Kevin. I'm partially deaf and wear bilateral hearing aids. I currently wear completely-in-canal hearing aids, at least for another few weeks. Today I ordered two new micro behind-the-ear models by Phonak. Has anyone had an experience with this brand at all? I'm hoping that they deal with background noise a bit better than the ones I wear now.

Guten Tag Dec. 10th, 2008 @ 03:13 pm
Hi. I’m Darrell. I live in Berlin, Germany where I draw pictures of historical sites and sell them in galleries. My two best friends are both deaf and gay, one is German and the other Turkish, and they’re teaching me German Sign Language (DGS). I grew up in California where I spoke ASL.

What else? (Rule number one: introduce yourself.)

Ummmm, some of the things I like are kayaking, the films of Guy Maddin, graphic novels, and exploring modern ruins. I’ll open up more as I get my bearings here. I’m glad this community exists.

new to live journal Dec. 3rd, 2008 @ 10:53 am
just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I am from orange county, hearing, interp for the deaf major, FTM, and new to the live journal experience. Didnt know if there were any trans deaf on here or anyone regardless of gender or sexuality who is from the orange county/la county area. I have Deaf friends, but some have moved away and want to make more. I am very involved in the Prop 8 fight, and trans activism if anyone wants to join me. I was raised mormon, and am also here for anyone who has been raised in strict churches and have carried shame. Well hope this wasnt to forward, and would love to get to know more people. Hope to hear from you soon.
Current Location: orange county ca
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» Voice Recognition Programs

Has anyone had experience with voice recognition software? I'm looking for recommendations and feedback on products you are either aware of or have used. I currently volunteer with a non-profit board that conducts much of its business via conference calls. We would like to become more inclusive by providing some form of dictation that isn't chatting in a chatroom/forum set-up so people who are hard of hearing (or deaf) are able to participate when interpreters aren't able to attend.

I have done some searching, and found very few reviews that discuss accessibility (most are about computer operation or increasing typing abilities). Nuance produces a program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking that gets a wide range of reviews. Other than that, I haven't had much luck.

Thanks ahead of time for your assistance!
» deaf hope - san josé

clicky for more information.

please come! it's all to profit a wonderful cause!
x-post, if you'd like!

» hi everyone
I am just wondering, I just joined this community and I am wondering if there is anyone here that are from and in the Stillwater/Oklahoma City/Tulsa, OK area? Let me know :)
» feedback/comments please!

I am in the process of completing an application for a competition called 'Realise Your Dream'.  This competition is to improve cultural relationships between Australia and the  UK in the creative industries.  My dream is to the presence of sign language interpreters on UK music television programs
.  Details of the competition can be seen on this website:  http://www.realiseyourdream.org.au/ - the prize includes airfares to and from the UK, and the British Council will develop a work experience program for me in my chosen area.

As part of my application I have created an online portfolio of my work and achievements in sign-singing.  The portfolio can be viewed at http://signsinger.livejournal.com/ or </a></b></a>signsinger

I am seeking comments/feedback on my performances, and any thoughts or opinions on whether the need for language access to music exists for the Deaf community.  All comments, either negative or positive, are appreciated and will be of great help.  F
eel free to post your comments on the blog, or simply send me an email (signsinger@amnet.net.au) and I can publish your comments on your behalf.  In your comments, please indicate if you identify as Deaf/HoH/HI/hearing.  If you are hearing, please indicate your connection to the Deaf community and/or your interest in sign singing.

It would be appreciated if you could leave your comments by Thursday 31st July (this is when the application is due), however feel free to post comments after this date.

Any comments greatly appreciated!!

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» ASL interpreted films at the VQFF

Each year, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival shows selected screenings with ASL interpretations. We find that this is an underused feature of our festival, so I'm trying to do some outreach. Below the cut is a list of films which will have ASL interpretation. Please feel free to circulation this information to anyone you think may be interested. If you have any questions, you can contact our Outreach Coordinator, Nicole, at nicole@outonscreen.com



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