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Introduction! - for those who are deaf and GLBT

About Introduction!

Previous Entry Introduction! Jul. 26th, 2010 @ 04:46 pm Next Entry
Hello there! Just following the rules and introducing myself. I'm Cindy, 23, from NYC and queer/genderfluid/female.
I guess you can say I'm supportive of the deaf community as well have admiration towards it too.

Learning Sign language is very important to me, though it's been at a stand still recently. I always wanted to find a Sign Language buddy but it never happened. I guess I started to pay more attention on whether or not I should learn Signed English rather than ASL and then discovered Pidgin.

I actually had a person through the internet that would teach me, and it was amazing how I could learn via text and also me making videos of signing.

I'm a bit shy to go into more detail about how I came about this admiration towards the deaf community, but feel free to talk to me :)

AIM: tinyredhead2

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